Starring: Miguel Leonn, Tag Adams, Shane Rollins, Kyle Douglas, Cory Koons, Julian Morino, Manuel Torres, Tony Acosta

True to its name, the studs in the all-sex "Stoked: Part 1" begin with their engines revved to high and the pace doesn't let up until they're all spent and sweaty. In between, there's lots of hot, nasty action that works extremely well because of superb casting choices.

For example, in the opening scene, macho stud Miguel Leonn, with his magnificently thick, long, uncut dick, gets busy with milky-complected Shane Rollins. The result is a fuck that is as passionate as it is nasty, and Shane's creamy, round bubble-butt is the perfect complement to Miguel's cock. When Miguel uses his meat to pierce Shane's hungry hole, it's just an amazingly erotic thing to watch. Shane totally gets off on Leonn's m0n5t3r meat, and Miguel is equally impressed with Shane's insatiable ass. The groans Shane makes, the wonderful dirty-talk Miguel keeps up, and the kisses and ass-smacks during their fuck add plenty of fuel to the fire. Miguel pounds Shane's ass hard in a few positions, making Shane a slave for his dick -- more than once Shane tells Miguel how much he loves it. Then Shane unloads, spraying his cum all over his belly, and then Miguel pulls out and shoots, stoking his cock until the last few globs of sperm drip out of his long foreskin.

Starring: Miguel Leonn, Ben Damon, Kyle Douglas, Michael Soldier, Taurus, Julian Morino, Cory Koons, Arpad Miklos

Like its high-energy predecessor, "Stoked: Part 2" is a non-stop, all-sex flick that left me gasping for breath. The setting is the same, and some of the men are the same, but the sex stands on its own as some of the hottest anywhere.

As in "Stoked: Part 1," things get off to a roaring good start with a great performance from hung top stud Miguel Leonn. Miguel is teamed with cute blond Kyle Douglas. Kyle feasts on Miguel's delectable, long, uncut cock, and the two occasionally take a break so that they can share some wet, sloppy kisses. Then Miguel bends Kyle over so that he can get a good look at his bubble-butt. Miguel teases Kyle's hole with the tip of his dick, bringing Kyle to the point of begging Miguel to put it in. But Miguel takes his time, teases Kyle some more with his hard cock, fingers and tongue first. When Miguel finally gives Kyle what he wants, he slams his dick all the way inside his tight hole, making Kyle moan with pleasure. Miguel's topman technique is expert -- he knows how to vary the thrusts, move his hips from side to side with his dick deeply planted in Kyle's ass, and more or less play Kyle like a fiddle. The sounds Kyle makes while Miguel is working on him are the kind that can't be faked, and it's more than obvious he's in heaven. The scene ends with cum-shots that are sublime. Kyle loses it while Miguel fucks him missionary, and his load drenches his lower belly with at several huge spurts. Then Miguel unloads, drenching Kyle's face with cream from the head of his thick uncut meat. Kyle sucks and licks Miguel's cock clean, with some of Miguel's load still dripping off Kyle's face. Finally (can you take more of this?) Miguel leans over and gives Kyle a big open-mouthed kiss, tasting his own cum in Kyle's mouth.