Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2012 | 112 MB

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security revolutionises Internet Security. Proven Cloud-based technology automatically stops Viruses &
Spyware before they reach your computer - it's a whole new way to protect your PC. Features Of Titanium Maximum Security: SPAM-
BLOCKER Finds and blocks annoying and dangerous junk email and image spams. The real-time spam detection provides immediate
protection from outbreaks. REAL-TIME UPDATES Safeguard you from the latest on-line threats today and in the future. Titanium
Maximum Security leverages Trend Micro's Smart Protection Network plus real-time antivirus scanning to provide always-on-guard
protection keeping you safe from latest, ever-evolving malware threats. PARENTAL CONTROLS Protect your children from inappropriate
websites, limit their time on the Internet, and see detailed reports about what they do online, without having to look over their
shoulders. DATA THEFT PREVENTION Prevent hackers and spyware from stealing credit card numbers, passwords, email addresses, and
other sensitive data. Stop protected data from going into web pages, email messages or instant messaging. Use the pre-defined
categories or set new ones of your own. Putting just part of a word or number into the Data Theft Prevention list can still protect
the whole thing. For example, entering just the last four digits or your credit card can block spyware from getting the entire
number. TREND MICRO VAULT A password protected folder that can safeguard your sensitive files. If your computer is lost or stolen,
you can remotely lock this vault to keep these files safe. SECURE ERASE Deleting a file just removes the directory information used
to find it, but not the actual data. Secure Erase overwrites deleted files with random data, so that the contents can't be
retrieved. SYSTEM TUNER Recover disk space, make Microsoft Windows start faster, clean out your instant messaging history, and
optimise your computer's performance. Schedule automatic tune-ups to keep your PC running smoothly. LIGHT ON SYSTEM RESOURCES
Titanium is powered by Trend Micro Smart Protection Network which gathers and analyses threat data, blocking viruses and other
malware BEFORE they can reach your PC. Because the processing is done "in the cloud", Titanium uses less of your PC's memory and
disk space, so it won't slow you down. DETAILED SECURITY REPORTS Easy to read graphic reports provide you with all the details
about the threats that attack your computer. You can drill down into detailed logs with just one click. FREE TOOLS The Titanium
Maximum Tool Centre displays a page of shortcuts so you can easily access and manage features such as Parental Controls, System
Tuner, Secure Erase and more. From the Tool Center you can turn features ON or OFF for a solution tailored to your individual
internet security needs.






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