Country: Hungary
Studio: Blue Lagoon Pictures
Cast: Adriano Lazarri, Fred Goldsmith, Jerry O'Connor, Julian Vincenzo, Lucio Maverick, Ray Phillips, Renato Bellagio, Rick Perry, Shane Rage
Director: Eugene
From the press notes courtesy of All Worlds Video:
"A group of scuba divers in search of lost treasures from an old sunken vessel; what they find instead in this paradise of crystal blue waters and pristine beaches is a manlust for each other, that can only be attained out of their wetsuits and while enjoying the golden beauty of each man's perfect body.
Scuba team leader Rick Perry leads a group of professional divers in an expedition for lost treasures of a sunken German warship. He assigns Adriano Lazarri and Jerry O'Connor to search the first area. When Adriano and Jerry come out of the water to take a rest on shore, Adriano helps Jerry to remove his wetsuit. One thing leads to another and Jerry wraps his lips around Adriano's rigid cock, while stroking on his own uncut, fat tool. Adriano is mesmerized as Jerry's cock grows in size, so he gets down to suck on the monster cock. Adriano stretches his mouth wide and is barely able to gorge on its enormity. Next, Jerry bends over as Adriano probes his butt hole first with his finger, then with his tongue.