Game Title: Fable 3
English name: Fable III
Game Release: Microsoft
Game production: Molyneux
Game Language: ENG + MULTi 7
Genre: RPG

?Game Description?

"Fable 3" ("Fable III") in 2009 GameCom since been announced that Microsoft and LionHead has quickly become the focus of attention XBOX360 platform. "Fable" series and XBOX360 platforms have always maintained close ties in the world, especially Europe and America have a vast community of players. Molyneux (development group), said on behalf of Generation 2 and 3 does not work with the same form, so make a more beautiful than the "Fable 2", they decided to start all over again, so that players can "look forward to their unexpected The "surprise. Specifically, in "Fable 3", the players will be able to rule a kingdom. In the conference site to play videos, there follows a narration:
"Albee Wengwang Guo is changing, the continent needs a new ruler. King or queen, good king or a tyrant. The future is still a white, the crown of the dispute will be waiting for you to write."

Molyneux revealed that in "Fable 3", the players are not at first appear as a hero, but the image appeared to the children of heroes. The first part of the game, players have to continuously improve the reputation, gather supporters to resist and overthrow the tyrant's rule. Next, the players are trying to consolidate their authority and dominance. In this process must continue to face a variety of choices, such as the treatment of their supporters, to give them what they can to guarantee anything.

Molyneux suggested that this process is not easy, he also revealed that the development team is affected by the Joan of Arc, inspired by historical figures such as Richard III.

Recently, there have been famous game IGN media advice to the LionHead things. At IGN seems to an opportunity for "Fable 3" to become one of the best ever RPG, it is necessary to achieve the following 5 points (The following is the original IGN translation, thanks to ACG subtitles group CC):

Peter Molyneux's "Fable" series of related news always makes me excited. When Peter speaks, I listen (and take notes.) He promised a lot of commitment, effort to bring players the best gaming experience ever, and it seems almost every time from the target. Molyneux and Lionhead Studios I thank the General to take the big risk, even if it is not worth it.

Games allocation?

System: XP 32 SP3, Vista 32/64, Win 7 32/64
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz or AMD Athlon X2 4000 +
Memory: 2GB
HDD: 12GB free space
Graphics: NVidia 7600GT or ATI HD 2600 Pro
DX: DirectX 9.0C
Network: multiplayer game requires Internet access

System: Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.9GHz or higher
Memory: 4GB
HDD: 12GB free space
Graphics: Nvidia 260GTX 896MB or ATI 5770 1GB or higher
DX: DirectX 9.0C
Network: multiplayer game requires Internet access
1. Use the virtual drive to load ISO file.
2. Install the game
3. Wait-free DVD patch

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