Running Time: 91 minutes
Released: 07/2004
Studio: Catalina
Series: The Best Of... - Catalina
Director: Chi Chi LaRue Josh Eliot
Stars: Brandon Lee

Description: "Brandon Lee is all male action's all time favorite Asian leading man."

Notes: Scene two has both Brandon Lee AND Drew Andrews. How hot is that? Brandon Lee is probably the single most successful Asian gay porn star, and deservedly so. Thus Catalina was smart and released a "Best Of" series on him. Do note, this is released by Catalina and only spans from about 1996 to 1999, so I'm pretty damn sure that Brandon Lee has been in a lot more hot scenes than what is in this compilation, but this one is pretty hot in it's own right. Some of that is thanks in part to the great interracial scenes he seems to enjoy doing. Scene three is from Fortune Nookie, for which I've already uploaded to the tracker, if you want to check the whole thing out. Enjoy!