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    Mặc định Swamp Shark (2011) BluRay 720P DTS X264- CHD

    Swamp Shark (2011) BluRay 720P DTS X264- CHD

    Language: English
    1hr 28mn | BluRay 720P | mkv | 1280 x 720 | x264 @ 6261 Kbps | DTS @ 768 Kbps | 4.36 GB
    Genre(s): Sci-Fi

    Openon gorgeous swamplands of the Atchafalaya Basin in the summer. Lots ofbeautiful teens are at the beach the weekend before Gator Fest. Thatnight an animal smuggling deal goes wrong and a large sea creatureescapes into a swampy backwoods river. At the McDaniels Gator Shackrestaurant, a local, Jackson is drunk, and gets mangled to bits. Thetown sheriff blames the carnage on the McDaniels escaped pack ofgators and tries hauling them off to jail. Rachel McDaniel, head of thefamily, claims to have seen the fin of a shark! Rachel and her family,along with the help of a mysterious stranger, Charlie, take on theSwampshark and the law to clear their names, save Rachels kid sisterKrystal and prevent the unwitting folks at the upcoming Gator Fest frombeing torn to shreds by a beast the likes of which no one has ever seen!

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    Mặc định Re: Swamp Shark (2011) BluRay 720P DTS X264- CHD

    wao, hình như là phim kinh dị, hiz
    nhưng mà thấy banner có vẻ lôi cuốn, xem nào
    xem phim ở đây thích thật :X

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