Raging Stallion is proud to present The Fetish Event of 2005--the release of Hole Sweet Hole, one of the most amazing handball films ever made. Team Raging Stallion, under the direction of legendary Fisting Director Chris Ward, delivers a knockout punch that will leave the competition facedown in the mud. This is, simply put, the hottest cast ever gathered together for a fisting film and the action is so over-the-top it makes Hole Sweet Hole the best all-male hardcore fetish feature ever produced by an American Studio. This long-play film--two-and-a-half hours long--will become an instant classic and will rank at the top of any collection of Chris Ward films.

What makes Hole Sweet Hole so amazing? It is all about the guys and the action--unlike some of our competitors, we only film actors who are really into fisting. These guys know what they want and they deliver! Our production crew is also really into fisting, so we know exactly what to film for you, the viewer!

Hole Sweet Hole launches the career of the hottest new fisting top since Corey Jay back in the 1990s. His name is François Sagat and he is a Raging Stallion Exclusive who will drain your balls at first sight. His 45-minute-long scene with furry-chested superstud Sean Harris may very well be the finest fisting scene of all time. Shot outdoors at night, illuminated by a bright campfire, these two men fist in position after xxx-rated position, showing off beautiful bodies doing things that will shock even the most jaded fist-o-phile. François's muscular arms set the pace as Sean's quivering asshole eagerly absorbs every forward thrust. François is America's newest porn heartthrob, and when you see his world-class body you will see why magazines around the country are rushing his images into print. He is the box-cover star of Hard As Wood, the recent Monster Bang movie, and he also appears on the box cover of this release. His devotion to fisting is so strong that he even has an "F" tattooed on his wrist, a feature that looks amazing as it slides in and out of Sean's open hole! François lives in Paris, where he rules the French Fisting world with a strong, firm arm. The quality of his topping is something that is easy to appreciate. Both men deliver quality fisting. As we filmed this scene we realized that we were witnessing porn history in the making. This is a must-see scene! And did we mention that François has a perfect, huge, hard uncut cock for the entire scene???

Although the first scene of Hole Sweet Hole is hard to follow, Raging Stallion pulls off a coup with another show-stopping, standing ovation performance in a pairing that pits Carlos Morales against Enrico Vega in a New Yorker fist-off. Carlos and Enrico have never looked better, and the fisting is really first rate from start to finish. One of the best things about this scene is that both Carlos and Enrico have huge, hard cocks throughout the scene. Some of our competitors like to hide cocks behind jock straps or other flimsy props--not Raging Stallion. Our guys have huge cocks and they are proud of them! And what could be better than a young world-class body builder, laying on his back, hard cock standing straight up, with an open pink hole eagerly begging to be fisted into oblivion? That is the theme of this scene--quality punch-fisting with cocks at attention. Porn is meant to be enjoyed, and this pairing will become a lasting favorite for years to come.

So what is next, you might ask? How about a gigantic scene that starts off with legendary French Fister Taurus taking aim at Mario Cruz's tight ass. Mario is not quite up to getting fisted yet, but we wanted to throw in a bit of great fucking as an extra. The scene is short--but the fucking is furious. As soon as these guys shoot their loads, in comes none other than Joshua Adams, one of Raging Stallion's most dependable fisting bottoms. Taurus takes Joshua thru the paces as Mario watches with wide eyes! Some of the shots in this scene are really excellent, fisting in the foreground with Mario's eyes inches away from Joshua's gaping hole. Suddenly, Mario shoots his second load of the day, but this time all over Taurus's arm, which is up Joshua's ass! It is a great visual!

Mario, spent, leaves the scene, but in comes Superstar Sean Storm (you last saw him in The Shaft, with Miguel Leonn). Sean, a filthy pig from the get-go, really gets into asshole, and he and Taurus take turns finishing Joshua off. The fisting is frenzied as Joshua moans in ecstasy, eyes rolling in delight as both tops, faces with huge grins, eagerly plow his hinterland. This is a massive scene--really it is three scenes in one. With Raging Stallion, you get your money's worth every time!

Hole Sweet Hole ends on a high note. Chris Ward has had his eye on European Superstar Andreas Stitch for many years (Andreas has starred in several Cazzo films and is a regular actor in films by Bruce LaBruce). Chris tracked him down and discovered he lived in a small village in the former East Germany. We flew him in and cast him with the best top in America--Adam Faust. Andreas and Adam hit it off from the start and they got to know each other in the days before filming their scene. By the time the cameras started rolling, these two guys practically tore into each other--so much so that we had to slow them down.

What we filmed that night is one of the most dramatic, carefully executed fisting segments imaginable. Adam, working slowly, warms up Andreas's perfect hole, stretching and probing, until his fist slides in with perfect ease. Andreas, whose face is fashion-model beautiful, never looked better, his huge cock flopping down around his butt hole. Adam picks up the pace and puts Andreas on his back. Then, in some of the most amazing butt hole close-ups you will ever see, Adam spreads his bottom's hole, opening it wide as the camera goes in tight, seeing deep into the cavern. When Andreas opens his mouth, you almost can see light at the end of the tunnel! For butt hole enthusiasts, this scene will be burned into the memory banks with blinding white heat! As if that were not enough, Adam ups the energy for a round of skilled punch fisting that gives Hole Sweet Hole a grand finale of monumental proportions.