Driving Simulator - SIMURIDE for car/bus/truck manual/automatic transmission +Cracked

*Driving Simulator to teach driving automatic and manual transmission vehicles (includes double clutching option). One or Three monitor edition.
*You can select small passenger vehicle (even with the small trailer), bus or semi-truck to drive.
You can drive in different environments, such as city (with traffic or without the traffic), country and highway.
*You can select different weather conditions or day time such as sunny day, fog or night.
*All your mistakes are displayed and recorded in the final report; not stopping at the Stop sign, speeding, forgetting the seat belt, not pressing the clutch pedal with the manual transmission vehicle, etc.
3 Monitor Edition Driving Simulator software trains you to get a regular and CDL driver's license; practice in an interactive environment. The simulator helps you to learn to drive a car, truck, bus and understand the road rules. It simulates the entire driving environment; the user can feel the actual control of the car along with the steering wheel, clutch, brakes and accelerator. Play the software, drive in streets and learn manual shifting.

Hardware Requirements:

The SimuRide Pro driving simulator can be run on a personal computer (desktop or laptop) that is equipped with a plug & play steering wheel.

Minimum Computer:
OS - Windows XP, Vista or Windows7.
Processor (suggested) - Intel Core 2 Duo - Clock 2,66 GHz or equivalent (AMD sometimes has a problem distinguishing and assigning a job to the second Core).
RAM (minimum) - 1GB for Windows XP and 2 GB for Windows Vista/7.
Graphic card (suggested) - NVidia GeForce 7600 GT (not GTS) with 128 MB RAM and 128 Bit Data Bus or ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO or equivalent.
For some older graphic cards we provide - 3D Software Accelerator - implemented in the SimuRide Pro driving simulator package.
The latest upgrade (Sept 2009) makes the SimuRide Pro driving simulator even more compatible to use with older computers.



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