Studio : Kristen Bjorn Video
Cast: Antonio Rico, Angel Castaneda, Andres Duranza, Lucas Magalhaes, Jack Murphy, Domingo Montero, Hugo Peligro, Geoff Powell, Pietro Rosselli, Ivan Andros, Marcos Allende, Slava Petrovich, Diego Pastores, Lazaro Carrera, Martin Chavez, Christophe Blanc
Director: Kristen Bjorn

Dreamers sticks very much to its title, although something like “Man Bangers” would have been a more appropriate title. You can always guarantee you’re going to get more than your money is worth, when it comes to Kristen Bjorn, the well over 40 cum shots in just over two hours proves that fact alone.

Although there are only gasps of Kristen Bjorn excellence in this film, the rest of the film is still very good and will delight your hormonal surges.

There are five scenes in total all are separate from each other. The men are from a number of places around the world, some seem to be Spanish in looks and in sound.

A Kristen Bjorn film usually means that the guys in it are usual meat eaters, well built, very masculine and usually very handsome.

The opening scene is probably the horniest and happens to be the longest. Andres awakes from sleeping, or is he dreaming, it’s difficult to tell and he goes down stairs and sees two very dark handsome men, with nice sexy stud like bodies. Andreas looks a little older, possibly early thirties, he too is dark haired and they all have tans. The most boyish out of them is Angel who happens to have the best uncut cock in the whole film. All three guys start having quite a horny threesome all over the house. It’s easy to lose count of the number of cum shots in this one scene alone.

There is an orgy by the pool side with a number of very fit studs and muscled guys, which includes quite a muscular coloured guy with hairy legs and arse, he has a square jaw line and he’s quite a good top to the guys he fucks.

There is a very sexy Eastern European in the final scene called Slava who has a very heavy stud build and is a little hairy and has high sexy cheekbones. Slava gets picked up by a dark handsome stud, who rides him around in a horse and carriage, around a rather picturesque hot city. Diego the driver follows Slava once he gets off his carriage; they both take a pee outside and then start getting it on together. Diego is slightly hairy and both these guys have similar body builds, Diego wears quite a sexy white hat with a black band around it and a white and black waist coat. They both give each other a really good seeing to. Slava has a great pair of balls.

There’s quite a bit of cum eating both off each others bodies and sometimes sucked and licked off their cocks. There is a little bit of hands free cock spunking in this but not as much as in some other Bjorn films. Expect all the cocks to be uncut and in the main very meaty!