First Auditions: South Africa

Year: 2007

Genre: naked, amateur, straight, solo, masturbation, oral, dildo, gonzo

Duration: 3 hours 22 minutes

Studio: First Auditions / New Barbary Coast Distribution

Starring: Some straight guys (guys "from the street")

Description: Reluctant newcomer convinced to show his ass

"Don't worry. All models have to show it." That's what he's told anyway. The mean heterosexual grips his big muscular cheeks and reluctantly yanks them apart to reveal his hidden part like a horny bitch.

19 year old innocent forced to display his hole

It's a laugh for this smug little shitbag, but when he's buck naked on the table with his most private parts on full show he stops laughing. The moron will do anything with the promise of bags of money and hot porn girls to screw.

Dumb hard muscleman covers himself in jizz

He thought this was going to only be a verbal interview. But when told he should show the goods or get out, he slips off his clothes and agrees to ejaculate on camera. Fresh, raw and never before filmed naked!

Professional swimmer loves stroking it on camera

Desperate to prove that he has what it takes to make it, this young athlete gives it all he has pumping his fine hard cock to orgasm. There's no doubt this boy discovers he was "born to do it" when his spunk flies clear across the room!

Hard-as-nails straight builder sprays his seed

This smooth blue-collar worker is so desperate for sex he agrees to flash his butthole and pump his rampant cock while standing right over me! The shower that ensues proves this perpetually horny stud is a non-stop cum-factory.

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