Snow Balls


Year: 2000


Genre: oral sex, anal sex, big cock, group sex, twink, young man `s

Duration: 1:37:52

Director: Steve Cadro

Studio: CADRO FILMS & Ginetto Di Masolo / SP company SPb

Starring: Andreas Von Stahl, El Volcano, Thorn, Bert Norfaz, Tsaba, Brownie Paulay, Lucca Borghia, Joshee, Hayos

Description: Gorgeous Hungarian hunks play naked in the Austrian Alps. Their snow skiing, snowballing and sleighing experience turns hotter as they get inside a chalet to warm-up. Get the idea? We were just wondering why the snow didn't melt outside from all the heat that was generated indoors. Steve Cadro has done it again! Unusual settings, unusual circumstances, beautiful men, lots of snow and lots of sex ... The perfect companion for a cold winter night!

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