Production year: 2009
Country: USA
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Muscle Men, Dildos, Finger Fucking, Handsome, Interracial Sex, Masturbation Solo, Rimming, Straight Men, Tattoos
Duration: 02:03:14
Directed by: Lief Gobo
Studio: Falcon Str8men
Cast: Leif Gobo, Christopher Ashlee,
Blaine Hardy, Tristan Phoenix, Luke Marcum, Nash Lawler, Leo Giamani

Description: Falcon Str8Men 12 features six hot, straight studs working their cocks for the camera in solo and group action! Join Leo Giamani, Nash Lawler, Tristan Phoenix, Christopher Ashlee, Blaine Hardy and Luke Marcum as they strip off their inhibitions along with their clothes and work their cocks for your entertainment.
The scrumptious Christopher Ashlee and Blaine Hardy, the perfect holster to his hot pistol, team up to put on quite a show for us this week, folks. Individually, they're both attractive. As a couple, they're hot. Blaine's smooth white skin compliments Christopher's dark coloring and when he wraps his lips around and goes all the way down on his boyfriend's licorice stick ... Wow! It's a mouthful! And the image of Christopher's head bouncing up and down over Blaine's crotch as he nurses on his cock is just as thrilling. His cheeks hollow out as he sucks it hard. Christopher then attacks Blaine's asshole - fingering, rimming and finally pumping his dick inside to fuck it real hard. Blaine moans and sighs, his toes curling and tensed-up until he lets go and shoots his load. Then Christopher jerks himself off while nestled in his lover's arms. He climaxes and cums with his white spooge dotting his dark belly.
Tristan Phoenix is Masturbator Extraordinaire. For him, jacking off is a daily routine - morning, noon and night. And now for his first solo on film, he's ready to share his talents with us. Out of the depths of its denim confinement, Tristan's dick rises like a mighty phoenix - free and proud! He strokes his big bird, and lost in the intoxicating smell of his armpit. Then he slides out of his pants. He writhes and rolls about, continuously stroking and touching himself all over. To heighten the sensation more, Tristan jams his fingers inside his ass. He works himself over so intensely that the veins in his forehead begin to pop. His eyes scrunch close; his neck is rigid; his gasps punctuate the air. The excitement amps up and a sweaty sheen breaks out across his chest; even his asshole puckers up with restless anticipation as he races for the big finish. And when Tristan does climax, whizzing copiously all over, he does not disappoint - certainly not himself.
We're lucky we got Luke Marcum right now. You know, that period when a young guy is straddling dorky adolescence and blooming handsomeness. And that's what Luke is all about. He's adorable in a quiet way with the potential to become more dazzling; a cutie-patootie whose boyish smile belies the hefty arsenal of virility he's packing. He comes off kinda goofy but sweet as he gushes, "guess I'm here to show off". Luke opens his pants and out pops his dick. It's already hard. His trimmed bush makes the rod look huge and as he strokes away, it seems to grow even more. He drops his trousers to reveal his big bag of balls, thick thighs and calves. He continues to jack off, deliriously happy and intent on doing a good job. Then he stretches his legs apart to fingerfuck his asshole. His genitals blush ruddy against his pale skin as he jerks himself off faster and faster. And then ... he finally climaxes, leaving globs of his gooey cum all over his clenched fist.
Tristan defines fun as anything that'll penetrate him. Today he's paired up with Luke who's eager to have some fun. The guys are pretty much in synch: Luke thinks Tristan is cute; Tristan utters that Luke is "gorgeous". Luckily for gorgeous hunk luke (who's never done anything like this before) experienced boytoy Tristan is here to hold his hand ... and more! Luke's muscular build overwhelms Tristan's slight frame as they embrace and kiss. Then Tristan goes down on Luke, guzzling his fat dick down his throat. Luke's toes curl; he shuts his eyes and a happy look settles on his mug. Luke then sucks on Tristan's cock and rims his asshole, lubing it up with spit to make it slick and primed for assault. He drives his cock in, slamming into Tristan's ass with a series of hard thrusts. Tristan flips onto his back and Luke continues fucking him hard making him shoot his wad. Then with Tristan nuzzled next to him on the bed, Luke jerks himself off.
If you're up on recent Falcon flicks, you'll recognize Nash Lawler - a good-lookin 'dude whose killer bod's been rockin' our celluloid world. This is his first Str8Men appearance and he's gonna be "whackin 'his pud and blowin' a big juicy load!" He's a self-proclaimed jerk-off artist. All he needs is a hardon and BAM! 5 or 6 times a day! Once he found himself at an airport with a raging hardon. He headed for the men's room and took care of it, shooting his load into the toilet before flushing it down. The guys in the next stall were probably tapping their toes! So sit back and watch Nash at play. He babbles on at first, then shuts up to let his whopper do all the talking. His dick is slick and looms large like a monolith rising above his rosy nutsac. His balls look snug and succulent in the tight pouch - a pretty package to pop in your mouth. And then after vigorously stroking and tugging, slapping and whacking his meaty asset, Nash does blow a juicy load ... just like he promised. Nash has brought his own toy for a little assplay - a 4-bubble plug with each orb growing in circumference. He admits he's been using it at home to loosen himself up for his bottoming debut and only plays with it to satiate his carnal need for cornholing. And he stresses yet again that he's never ever been fucked by a guy, even though plenty have wanted to try. That said, he's ready to rock 'n'roll. Nash pulls his dick out of his shorts. It looks big and pretty against the dark material. He throttles the shaft and strokes it, his balls bouncing happily along. He kicks off his shorts and continues playing with himself, even diddling his hole with his finger. Then he slips the toy inside, all the way up to the third ball. He tries to press it in farther while he pulls on his pud. The sensation of that foreign object burrowed in his ass as he jacks off has Nash grunting hard. He gets into different positions until finally on his back, with the plug still inside, he busts a nut
Nash and Tristan have never met before, but they seem pretty much in synch, warming up to each other very well. Stripped down to their briefs, they play with each other's package. Those hidden treasures look tightly packed away in their tight undies. Tristan starts to mouth and lick Nash's dick through the cotton fabric before he finally frees it and stuffs it in his mouth. He sucks on it hard, compelling Nash to gasp and sing out a dreamy chorus of oohs and ahs. Soon they're both out of their drawers. Nash goes down on Tristan wrapping his lips around his dick; he nurses on it for awhile. But Tristan craves more meat, so he services Nash again, getting his dick harder still. With his stiff tool sheathed for action, Nash gets behind to ram it up Tristan's hole, piercing the crack with measured thrusts. They sit themselves down and Tristan skewers himself onto Nash's rod and rides it fast until he blasts his load. Nash jacks himself off, answering with a smattering of creamy jism.
Tristan Phoenix is like a door knob. Who's gonna take their turn next? Anyway, he's become the go-to bottom of the hour. This is his third pairing and who better than Leo Giamani to put the screws to him? Tristan is down on Leo's dick immediately. He stretches his lips wide to accommodate its girth; but once in, he glides up and down the shaft easily. They switch it up and Leo takes his turn, popping Tristan's prick into his mouth. Then Tristan starts rimming Leo's asshole, his tongue tracing the flesh as it slides from the moist cleft down the perineum until he reaches Leo's succulent danglers. As Leo lays in bed, Tristan bounces up and down the big man's big stick like a crazed Jack-in-the-Box. Then they fuck doggie style, then with Tristan laying on his back. There's no stopping this ass assault, but who's complaining? Especially with the two climactic bursts of spooge that finally punctuate the frenzied action.
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Video Format: AVI
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Audio Codec: MP3
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