Manly Beach

Year : 1991
Country: Australia
Genre: Oral/Anal Sex, Muscle, Group, Rimming, Cumshot
Duration: 01:30:30

Actors: Sean Davis, Dex Brown, Root Callahan, Ian Layman, Blue Vainer, Ned McCabe, Hogan Maloney, Demetrios Xenos

Description: You've seen the "lifeguard scenario" countless times before, but no one - and I mean no one - can pull it off and make it as hot as Mr. Bjorn. There's really no plot whatsoever, but the reamings are totally hot, there's lots of groping, bulging Speedos, massive cocks (Sean is a true "foot long-er") and gobs of mancream fly everywhere... all set on location in Australia. A very, very good flick that'll get you going.

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