Fuck Holes 2

Year: 2009

Genre: bareback, anal sex, cum eating, daddies, toys, dap, facial cumshots, interracial, oral sex, rimming, jocks, threeways, orgies

Duration: 1:37:16

Directed by: Max Sohl

Produced by: Paul Morris

Studio: Treasure Island Media

Starring: Christian, Ian Jay, Jay Ross, Franco Dax, Eric Wolfe, Javier, Nack Roberts, Marcello Masko, Ligee, Dick Damonson, Rippedstudx, Taylor Means, Kurt Kaiser, Marc Short, and many more!


FUCK HOLES 2 continues Max Sohl's obsession with anonymous pump & dump action. Max loves men who crave cum in their guts so much they lube up, leave their doors open and wait ass-up for any and all men who need to dump a load.

Some of the scenes in FUCK HOLES 2 result from real ads on real hook-up sites. Other scenes are balls-to-the-wall TIM gangbang fuck fests. All of them have one thing in common: a hole desperate to be spermed.

File size: 1.36 GB

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