Factory Fresh

Year: 2007

Country: Czech Republic

Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Young Man, Group, Rimming, Big Dick, Cumshot

Duration: 3:00:52

Directed by: Brian Mills

Studio: TitanMen Fresh

Starring: Dion Phillips, Erik Iverson, Felix Slovacek, Honza Banan, Jason Jackman, Justin Corner, Marco Mark, Sergej Ural, Thomas Lee

Description: In TitanMen Fresh's Factory Fresh, photographer Brian Mills returns to Europe to shoot another bunch of sexy, smooth and uncut young studs banging the cum out of each other in an abandoned factory. These guys fuck ass, suck dick and spray jizz all over the equipment when they're not dumping loads on their tight, ripped pecs.

As handsome Marco Mark stretches out on an abandoned factory floor for a quick nap, cute Jason Jackman (in a white tank top) and sexy Honza Banan steal Marco's briefcase and rifle through the wallet they find in it. They've got a fantastic view of the factory floor and catch sight of handsome Thomas Lee and sexy Dion Philips kissing while beefy Justin Corner swallows their stiff dicks. Justin divides his attention between their two massive cocks, gagging and spitting as he deep throats them and licks their tight balls. Justin drops his pants to show the guys his jockstrap-clad bubble butt and grants Dion a turn at sucking him and Thomas.

Justin and Dion then jam their cocks down Thomas' throat until they blow their sticky wads all over his hard, ripped chest, covering his pecs with their jizz; Thomas then jerks himself off, dumping his own big pool of cum into the mix. If you think that satisfies these young guys, think again - they've got energy to spare! While Thomas crams his dick down Justin's throat, Dion lubes up Justin's hole, pulls on a condom and mounts him like a bull, his balls slapping against Justin's hard butt. Dion and Thomas switch off and Thomas grabs Justin by the waist and pounds his ass while Dion facefucks him.

Justin squats over and rides Thomas' cock before flipping on his back and letting Dion crack his ass open with his dick while Thomas feeds him his cum-filled ball sack and throbbing rod. Thomas takes over fucking Justin's butt with long hard strokes, pushing deep into his ass and pulling all the way out until he finally blasts his load all over Justin's butt; Justin squirts a creamy load onto his abs and Dion shoots a thick load of spunk onto Justin's pecs.

After our two horny thieves Honza and Jason dig into Marco's wallet, they find their partner in crime - sexy Felix Slovacek - in another part of the factory. Wasting no time, Felix orders Jason to his knees and Jason eagerly swallows Felix's hardon and jerks on Honza's stiff cock while Honza and Felix make out. Honza takes over cocksucking duty while Jason plays with Felix erect nips and massages his smooth hard chest. Jason and Felix get so worked up by the head they're getting that they shoot their cumloads all over Honza's smooth chest while Honza blasts his spunk all over himself.

Jason throws his muscular legs in the air while Honza lubes up his fuck hole, pulls a rubber over his throbbing boner and shoves his cock deep into and out of Jason's chute while Felix stands behind Honza and massages his chest. Felix takes his turn fucking Jason, and the two tag-team Jason's bubble butt as he moans in bliss.

Felix and Honza shove Jason against a ladder and fuck him some more, driving their cocks deep into his ass chute; after working Jason over good, Felix and Honza blast their creamy loads all over Jason's butt while Jason jerks off, splattering the floor with a flood of hot jizz.

Marco wakes up from his nap to find sexy, blond Sergej Ural and cute Erik Iverson rifling through his briefcase, which they've found after Honza and Jason ditched it. The guys cool each other off by swigging water and spitting it all over their hard, smooth pecs and into each other's mouths. Erik kneels on the floor, peels Marco's tight jeans down and swallows his raging hardon; Sergej strips and crams his stiff cock down Erik's throat. Erik goes back and forth between the two studs, hungrily slurping on their cock shafts, and with a final stroke, Marco and Sergej spray their loads of jizz all over Erik's smooth chest and sixpacked torso. The two studs swallow Erik's dick, sliding their tongues up and down his solid shaft and pulling on his ball sack until he shoots a thick, sticky load of cum.

Marco and Erik bend Sergej over and take turns tonguing his hole, eating out and smacking his ass while they stroke their boners in preparation for the hard fucking they're about to give. Marco dives in first, sliding in and out of Sergej's hole while Erik helpfully holds Sergej's ass cheeks apart. Erik then plunges his cock deep into Sergej's greasy butt before allowing Marco another crack at it. Erik finally spills his load onto Sergej's chest, and Marco yanks out of Sergej's tight ass and sprays him with a fountain of sperm.

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