Straight Edge 6

Year: 2010

Country: USA

Genre: Muscle, Oral / Anal Sex, Solo, Masturbation, Toys

Duration: 1:46:10

Directed by: John Tegan

Studio: Jet Set

Starring: Adam Campbell, Dylan Roberts, Justin Jameson, Hayden Stephens, Spencer Whitman, Drew Cutler, Cameron Adams, Zack Randall, David Dakota, John Magnum, Landon Mycles

Description: Scene 1 - Adam Campbell & Dylan Roberts

Two of the best looking and most popular Jet Set Exclusives, Adam Campbell and Dylan Roberts, go at each other in this Straight Edge horny office studs fuck scene. It's a tough call to say which one of these two boys is better looking, Adam or Dylan, but together they make friction and hot ass action that will get your dick hard and your abs soaked!

Scene 2 - Justin Jameson

Dark-haired ripped dude Justin Jameson is ready to get off, so he starts playing with his nipples and then pulling off his shorts to reveal a big, rock hard cock that he strokes and smacks around. Things heat up even more when he jams a giant dildo in his tight hotel, leading to a thick, gushing cum load that splatters on the dildo, on his hands and all over the sofa in a big gush of satisfaction.

Scene 3 - Hayden Stephens & Spencer Whitman

Hayden stands in the alley outside a club smoking a cigarette when cute club boy Spencer walks by and asks to bum a cigarette. The pair slyly check each other out as they puff away on their smokes but before you know it they're puffing away on their cocks. Studly Hayden is flipped over, rimmed and fucked hard by big dicked Spencer before they both blow their loads. And I thought you were supposed to smoke after sex.

Scene 4 - Drew Cutler & Cameron Adams

Cameron and Drew do it "alley-style", letting loose their pent-up horniness after a night of clubbing leaves them so ready they don't even bother finding a place. Drew dominates Cameron in every way, licking the boy's sweet butthole and then slamming his big cock in deep, ending with a creamy facial that covers the boy's face in cum.

Scene 5 - Zack Randall

Zack Randall is in jail for the night and what a better way to do hard time than to fuck yourself with a dildo! Zack shows why he's still the number one boy on the scene in this dildo / jack off scene.

Scene 6 - David Dakota & John Magnum

While their wives are at home, drunk hunks David and John get thrown in the slammer for late night drunk driving only to realize that their "problem" is solved-they now have a place for John to pound David's muscular ass into submission. And that he does, slamming David's tight butt everywhere in the tight confines of the jail cell, leading these horny dudes to completely forget their real problem. Getting arrested.

Scene 7 - Adam Campbell & Landon Mycles

Waiting sucks (in this case, literally). With nothing on but towels and nothing to text with, bored blue eyed muscle boys Landon and Adam figure a way to pass the time before their physicals by getting physical with each other, trading blow for blow and ending with Adam pounding Landon's muscular end before they both bust it. Beats texting anyday.

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