Personal Trainers 1

Year: 2001

Country: Czech Republic

Genre: Beginners

Length: 125 minutes

Translation: Unavailable

Russian subtitles: none

Director: Marty Stevens

Studio: BelAmi


Dano Sulik, Sebastian Bonnet (Trainers)

Tommy Alvarez, Ramon Valenti, Gilles Marais (Trainees)


Most of the young men who decide to work with Bel Ami are newcomers to gay sex. 90% of them have no previous experience with filming or modeling and 70% of them have minimal experience with condoms. So the model begins a series of training sessions during which he must become comfortable with the specifics of gay sex; get used to condoms; learn to ignore the people who are watching him and giving him instructions during a sexual encounter; and understand that sex for the camera is rather different from real life. On film we need to see everything which means specific sexual positions, being aware at all times of the camera. On film there needs to be more variety during sex. The training sessions have to take into accounts all of these aspects.
A model’s very first session is usually clumsy and uncomfortable so we wait with the camera until his fourth or fifth. If any model in “Personal Trainers” looks slightly more “experienced” it means that he already handled the sexual aspects and is now ready to learn how to perform for the camera.
A crucial element in this process is the trainer himself, who needs to be someone the model can easily relate to. Being in the same age bracket helps, as does the trainer having inexhaustible resources of energy and imagination. Bel Ami is very lucky that our “Personal Trainers” are the indefatigable Dano Sulik and Sebastian Bonnet.
We present these training sessions in real time, we only change camera angles to heighten visual interest.

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