Year: 2004

Country: Australia

Genre: Amateurs, Europeans, Horsehung, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Athletes - Locker Room, Big Loads, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Chain Fucking, Cum eating, Deep Throating, Facial Cumshots, Hairy Crotches

Length: 1:50:52

Directed by: Matt Black, Richard Capuano

Studio: Pistol Media / Raging Stallion Studios

Cast: Benji, Heath Chapell, Jesse, Tony, Aidan, Seth Williamson, Kia, Clinton Williamson, Liam, Alex, Hamish

Description: The minute that Heath got an eyeful of Liam and Kia's big schlongs he knew that he couldn't contain himself. So he gets himself well and truly nailed by them before they blow all over his face. It's one of the dirtiest locker rooms scenes that the Sexgaymes Team has had the privilege of shooting! Featuring Heath, Liam and Kia.

Filthy Four Way Imagine four horny young Aussie guys ... Think post-workout in the gym showers ... One exits the steam room, another cruises from the next shower. Then it's on for everyone. Benji, a true power bottom was so hot in this filthy four way he could have lit up half of Sydney! These guys don't seem like first-timers, but that is exactly what they are! Porn virgins taking it up the ass for the first time on film! You gotta see what our film crew captured! Featuring: Tony, Clinton, Benji, Hamish

M-4-Mens If you like Dirty Locker Room Guys and Filthy Four Way, M-4-Mens will totally get you off! Seth is back at the gym and doing his yoga practise at closing time when Benji and Jesse (another Sexgaymes freshman) come in for a late training session. Watching Seth's movements and ultra-fit bod gets the other two guys horny and they start getting it on in the corridor by the men's locker room. When Seth encounters the couple, two rapidly become three with Benji getting fucked senseless from both sides of the hallway. Italian jocks are hot as you will see with newly-arrived-on-Australian-shores Benji getting-off in this butt-clenching display of a true power-bottom! It's a classic Sexgaymes 3-way - see the full-length, uncut version. Featuring - Benji, Seth and Jesse

Bowlers and Catchers Heath, Alex and Aidan are at the nets for cricket training one blistering, hot Sydney afternoon. The heat gets the better of them and they decide to call it a day before taking the kit back to the gear shed. It all started with a box (batsman crotch-guard)! The guys eat butt like there's no tomorrow as you will see in the extremely horny chain-rimming scene! Featuring Heath, Alex and Aidan.

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