Sex Klinik

Year: 2005

Country: Germany

Genre: anal, oral, group sex, orgies, fetish

Length: 1:42:17

Translation: Not required

Director: Jorg Andreas

Studio: Cazzo Films

Cast: Raphael Leban, Christophe Chemin, Tim Vinzent, Marcel, Peer Nagel, Leif Hartmann, Akos Piros, Justin, Mats Riem, Steve Bonsai, Lewis Quintini, Steven Bo, Lowny, Billy Slade, Aron Gerardi, Ingo, Mark Hudson, Sebastian Sieger, Dave, Jay, John Prick, Hellmut Kool

Description: Strapping young men get kidnapped and used as guinea pigs in the hospital's intensive sex unit - much to their own pleasure! Before you know it, a hetero-man has his ass in the air for his hospital roommate.

The delinquent doctors shamelessly exploit their willing patients, while the Professor gets off watching Christophe ram his prize dick deep into Raphael. This group sex experiment gets out of hand and degenerates into a wild slut orgy where the patients milk their rods to the last drop.

Even the professor gets a shot in the ass!

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