Bare Twinks

Year: 2007

Country: USA

Genre: Breeding - Bareback - Cum Eating

Running time: 120 minutes

Translation: Unavailable

Director: Saint Cyre

Starring: Andree "Alex Arias", Brandon, Chicky Hard, Ryan Philipe, Christophe, Dany, Marty, Alex, Tommy Sem, Christian, Tommy Beran.

Description: BARE TWINKS brings you 11 horny boys looking for RAW SEX, Breeding Action & Cum Eating. Those gorgeous Twinks with huge dicks are dirty boys. They like steamy sex and hot jizz.

Meet Andree "Alex Arias" in his first movie. Bring him one, two or more boys and he will fuck them so hard that they will scream for hours. All the boys are dirty and willing to eat, shoot or take gallons of sperm. Sluts are here to please every boy around.

Cum is flying into asses and open mouths. The hot boys are taking seeds from big cocks. They are Twinks who like Bare SEX.

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