Hairy Boyz 6

Year: 2001-2003, the

Country: US

Genre: Oral, Anal, Muscles, Hairy, Compilation

Length: 2:04:45

Director: Chris Ward

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

Cast: Victor Rios, Triton Rivers, Bruce Jennings, Michael Brandon, Damien Ford, Rick Hammersmith, Eric Evans, Bryce Pierce, Tom Vacarro, Sky Donovan

Description: Hairy Boyz 6 is another fur-covered example of super-masculine erotica! Who better than Raging Stallion to bring you men with hair? We are the studio that specializes in real men - guys who have big, broad chests covered in perfect hair! These are not big bears (although we love them too!) - These are tight, sports jocks and muscle men who are comfortable, even boastful, about being men who look like men should look!

If there ever was a man of your dreams, Victor Rios must be that man. A fine Latin hottie with a perfect body and an even more perfect cock, Rios fucks new comer Triton Rivers in a fantastic hot tub sequence that blurs the boundary between art and erotica. This scene has a distinct Kristen Bjorn feel that is sure to give you a rise. His dream man before him, Rivers explores Victor by touch and feel, sensuously caressing his every curve and boldly acting on every torrid impulse until the hot tub boils over!

The Dirty Director is a highly regarded movie - it was even nominated for best picture at the 2003 GayVN awards. For the grand finale four-way we have Brandon, Wolf, Soldier, and Jennings filmed by Team Raging Stallion in the way that only Chris Ward can do - the dramatic shots of huge, hard, sculptured dicks are an art unto themselves. These guys are really into each other, and the connection is crystal clear on the screen. A pile driving pounding that literally fucks the cum out of the bottoms, wraps up one of the most amazing Raging Stallion movies ever made.

In Poke, Prod, and Penetrate we find Raging Stallion's own Canadian muscle hunk Rick Hammersmith sitting on Austrian Damien Ford's nine inch cock. Ride bronco ride! The thick veins that rip thru Hammersmith's chiseled chest throb with every home run Ford hits up his hole. Tight ass close ups show Ford's rock hard cock sliding in and out of one of the finest holes in porn. Hammersmith may have the greatest bubble but since the days of Dean Coulter. And Hammersmith's cock, dripping with pre-cum, stays fuck hard rigid until he fires off a white stream of cum. This opening scene has eight amazingly filmed fuck positions!

Clash of the Zeus Men (stars muscle hunk Bryce Pierce and Hairy Chest super stud Eric Evans) is a super-hot, no-bullshit, muscle hunk feature film with sweaty hairy chested muscle stud butt fucking that will make your dicks sing the halleluiah chorus . This one is a major fuck flick as well, and the loads of cum will wash you away!

Sexus is a raw, dark, and dreamy exploration of the erotic geometry of male-to-male lust. The first part of award winning director Chris Ward's trilogy brings together five of the hottest men that Raging Stallion has ever filmed, including Tom Vacarro in a performance that leaves no doubt about his standing as one of the gods of male form. Sexus received numerous nominations in various awards categories, including best group scene and best all sex video (GayVNs, 2002). Considered by many to be the tightest and finest video of its kind, Sexus has remained a crowd pleaser and continues to get rave reviews from viewers and reviewers alike.

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