Full Force

Year: 2002

Country: USA

Genre: Group, Oral, Anal, Safe sex, Rimming, Cum shots, Uniforms

Length: 1:38:38

Director: Csaba Borbely

Studio: Pacific Sun Entertainment

Starring: Adrian Bradshaw, Paul Skerritt, Alexandra Cuza, Fred Goldsmith, Claudio Antonelli, Roberto Giorgio, Martin Bonetti, Luciano Endino, Randy Jones, Leslie Manzel, Roger Mantegna, Giancarlo LaForet, Fernando Nielsen, Charles Cronenberg, Jonathan Collins

Description: Full Force is another high budget and super hot DVD put out by Pacific Sun. In the opening scene, hooded commandos are storming an Italian villa full of hot, but corrupt businessmen. This muscled and elite unit of police is actually conducting a raid and intent to leave no stone unturned inside the villa. As it turns out, most of the cops want a hot piece of ass more than they want to make a clean bust.

When two super well-built cops catch a couple of dudes by surprise and demand blowjobs, it turns into a four-way suck and then a scorching side-by-side fuck on the couch. These two guys get fucked by the cops every way imaginable living up to director Csaba Borbely's reputation for a multitude of hot and never seen before positions. They all shoot big loads, but it is their hot, muscled bodies that make this scene so great.

Next, when two cute young businessmen retire to the hot tub to discuss a deal, business soon turns to pleasure. Both of these guys are hot and muscular and one has a tattoo on his arm. As they are having sex in the hot tub, two commandos sneak in, but get so turned in by the sight, they start fooling around with each other around the corner. They are ripped and clean cut so when they join the other pair, the scene really heats up. In the end, the two businessmen get arrested, but not before four hot loads are blown.

The next scene is kind of a fetish scene with three huge shaved headed commandos overtaking one hot blonde guy. This is a great scene if you like it rough as the cops take turns plowing the businessman for all he is worth.

There are many more scenes like these and the guys are consistently hot, young and muscular and the action is well filmed. From time to time, the poorly translated subtitles bring comic relief as the boys yell out things like "I'm doing!" and "Blow out your filling!" it fits of passion. The DVD also features many special features.

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