Sauna Italia

Year: 2002

Country: Italia

Genre: Euro, Muscles, International, Hardcore, Str8 Bait, Safe Sex

Length: 1:57:00

Director: Franco Minnelli

Studio: All Male Studio / Adamo Homo


Dario D'Alba Flavio Rossini Sergio Schiavo

Fabio De Rossi Diego Sierra Bruno Sierra

Gianni de Michelis Luca Garda Marco De Pisis


Certainly you're pleased if your best straight friend is asking to stay at your home because he left his girlfriend. You're more pleased if during the night, you reach the goal to make love with him! You feel bad if you understand that then your friend is becoming gay, he trip for saunas and he come home with some lover! You look for some warm from someone else, but "his is him", and so you run behind him in sauna, you look for him, you hate him, but ... at the end appease: it so beautiful to have him back only for you! - The big coming back of star DARIO D'ALBA in this video!

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