Too Many Boys

Year: 2005

Genre: oral, anal, couples

Length: 2:24:35

Director: Marty Stevens

Cast: Renato Amoroso, Chris Casablanca, Ethan Clarke, Gianni Fabian, Matthew Gray, Tim Hamilton, Steve Jennings, Stefan Keller, Ricky Martinez, Matt Phillipe, Roman Prada, Liev Safran, Danny Saradon, Johnny Surabaya, Marc Vidal, Casper Watts .



Belami `s producer - director, George Duroy, went to France asking Johan Paulik to take care of his house. Johan did what any dedicated employee would when his boss is thousands of miles away. He hosted a party in the house with Marty Stevens filming the whole event, planning to present a completed video to George upon his return. Everything seemed under control. There was only one teensy problem: Johan invited Too Many Boys. In no time at all the house was awash with alcohol and filled with the sounds of sex. Cocks and chaos went hand in hand! "Too Many Boys," the resulting video, has one birthday celebration, two hosts, three crewmembers, and 16 partygoers creating eight sizzling sex - capades.

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