Safari City

Year: 1999

Country: France

Genre: 18-25, oral, anal, group sex

Length: 107 min

Translation: Unavailable

Russian subtitles: none

Directed by: Jean Daniel Cadinot

Studio: Cadinot

Cast: Jerome Galfion, Fernando Leone, Christian Gaillac, Sylvain de Prat, Fabian Nexman, Calvin Donatello, Maxime Pavlov, Ruan del Monte, Zachary Brovnik, Anton Elsinki, David Richer, Julien Chamfray, Frank Forest, Anthony Boyer.

Description: They love boys and are proud to show it!

Share in their happiness! In the city jungles, the most unexpected places are good for cruising, seducing and savouring young cubs with muscles to die for. Cottages, building sites, squares, shops, markets, fairgrounds - all hunting grounds for your neighbours, colleagues, cousins, dealers and nobodies.

An indiscrete documentary which penetrates the most intimate contact between 14 creatures in the wild.

11 scenes from the hardest to the softest.

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