Sauna Boys 3: Tough Love

Year: 2005

Country: Brasil

Genre: Amateurs, BDSM, Hairy, Oral / Anal, Rough Sex, safe sex, Facial Cumshots, Rimming, Threeways, Tatoo solo, Thugs, Rugged Men, Young Meat

Length: 1:16:03

Directed by: David Miranda

Studio: StudMall.Com

Starring: The Men of Rio

Description: The film starts off by displaying these words on screen, "Get down boy, I said get down! What kind of love ... tough love".

Some times Twinkie boys need to do as they are told especially the good looking ones. Some times they need to be rolled on the floor and slapped or stood on, then pissed on and then they need a good face fucking too. A Brazilian big built stud does all that and more in the first scene to a smooth very cute, light brown haired Brazilian Twinkie. The Twinkies legs get bound by chains and he also gets thrown all over the bed, he gets his hair pulled and gets forced to eat his masters cock all the way down to the base, he also gets his face slapped around and his hands tied behind his back. Eventually after the same Twinkie has had his fill of humiliation and domination, he spills is boy seed all over his stomach, as he is fucked by his bullying master, then his master cums all over the Twinkies face.

In scene two a dark short haired, smooth, slim Brazilian lad, very next door looking type gets dominated by two smooth young Brazilian studs, one of which is wearing a face mask. The Twinkie wears a chain around his neck that gets pulled on. To begin with the lad his forced to eat his masters cocks, he then gets both ends fucked at the same time.

The third and last scene is just a wank scene which has a big butch looking hunk of a Brazilian guy wanking himself off, he has tattoos over about a third of his body.

This is a bit of a treat for those who are in the mood for seeing angel faced Twinkies, getting what they are forced to be given, from their older masters. I guess the first scene in this film comes across as the harshest of the two and in my opinion is also the best.

You will be glad to know there is no music in this so you get to hear everything on a live sound track!

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