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    Mặc định [OR] The Private Life Of Josh Elliot

    The Private Life Of Josh Elliot

    Year: 2008

    Genre: Oral, anal, group sex

    Duration: 2 hours 15 min.

    Director: George Duroy

    Studio: Bel Ami

    Starring: Josh Elliot, Jeff Daniels, Ethan Clarke, Rick Fontana, Luke Hamill, Dolph Lambert, Alex Orioli, Andre Pagnol, Ralph Woods

    Description: What ever Josh makes in private Bel Ami show in public! Here are the best sex scenes of one of the most famous Bel Ami super star! He is simply great - he has a gorgeous body and a smile that makes you fall on your knees. Now you can have a look into his private life where he enjoys the company of other Bel Ami stars like Jeff Daniels, Ralph Woods and Ethan Clarke. Although Josh has already worked in many successful Bel Ami titles, it took him a while to get confidence. At the beginning he was shy and he just wanted to get fucked softly in front of the camera, but little by little he discovered his most active role and started enjoying tight asses. Between every sex scene you can enjoy Josh answering the questions of the director George Duroy as you discover many things about Josh before the camera and in his private life. 135 Minutes with Josh Elliot, a true super star!

    File size:1.95 GB
    Download premium oron:
    92221tploje.part1.rar (1000.0 Mb)
    92221tploje.part2.rar (993.7 Mb)

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    Mặc định Re: [OR] The Private Life Of Josh Elliot

    bạn dùm ơi up lên mediafire đi. Cảm ơn trước nhe

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