Discipline Down Under

Year: 2008

Country: United Kingdom

Genre: Spanking

Length: 1:03:39

Director: Unknown

Studio: Stingpictures

Description: It's all action as the sons of our neighbours down under go about their scholastic duties. Matt Masterson (Matt Mills) is up to his old tricks leaving the staff a load of detective work to bring the lads to book. His accomplices are David, Vex and Barry plus six other new lads all up to no good and expected to experience the tough disciplinary measures that have become the custom in the British modelled Antipodean Educational establishments. Cooper, played by Darren, is constantly bunking off from class. Mitchell played by James B has a smoking habit that can only be cured by a good caning and more. Coughlan (David) just can't keep his foul mouth shut on the rugby field! The other lads too all have something to answer for and their unruly attitudes are quickly dealt with by the tireless staff. In this episode we welcome back Margusta who plays Mr Svenson and young model Andreas who's outbursts of swearing earns him a dose of the tawse. Packed with action this feature length download brings back all the atmosphere of the original Discipline Down Under including well earned spankings, canings, the slipper, tawse and a dose of the broad leather strap. Great looking young and handsome undisciplined lads from down under ready to answer for their misdemeanours in the old fashioned way!

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