Futebol 3 (The soccer match 3)

Year: 2004

Country: Brazil

Genre: Latin, International, Jocks, Outdoors

Length: 1:35:00

Directed by: Nelson De Oliveira

Studio: French Connection, Belo Amigo

Cast: Josemar, Pablo, Jackeson, Raphael, Thiago

Description: It's the world's most popular sport, enjoyed in every country and in every corner of the globe. Day and night there's always a game going on somewhere, with heart-pumping, non-stop action that keeps young men hard and upright and soaked in sweat from the first move to the final thrust. And if that sounds like a perfect description for soccer, you might be right, but we're talking about sex! The kind that young men can only enjoy with other young men, anytime and any place!

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