Boys Meet Boys In Brazil

Genre: anal, oral, duets, latino, muscles, outdoors

Duration: 2 hrs. 40min. 30sec.


Starring: Dudu Ferarro, Alexandre Sena, Marcos Axell, Giancarlos, Martins, EduardoGodoy, Rodrigo Jesso, Andre Brizzo, Leonardo Pantera,

Igor Gimenes, Marcio Motta, Tony Storrazzo, Victor Palhares and special guest Bruno Mourao.

Description: In Brazil the guys are hot, hung and horny. In Boys Meet Boys In Brazil, you have eight scenes, 13 guys and 2 hours 40 minutes of

insatiable studs with non-stop cruising. All of the scenes are full of excitement .... Man-to-Man action. At the farmhouse, they come

together to explore all the hot spots a farm has to offer. From the Barn to the pool you will find these Brazilian super hunks using their

manhood in the great outdoors to get the greatest satisfaction.

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