Raw Sluts

Year: 2007

Country: United States

Genre: dildo, anal, oral gay sex without a condom

Length: 90 min

Directed by: Michael Paris

Studio: Raw Entry Club

Starring: Justine Joli, Nico, Michael, Alex Arias, Martin Kirk, Kristian, Tommy Rogers, Ruben Litzky, George Johny, Jorge Plozen

Description: Ten young guys, in five different duos, get into it with each other for hot bareback sex. These sexy guys go for each other hungrily, sucking dick, rimming asses, fucking bareback and cumming with abandon. Michael Paris pokes his camera into five different living spaces to catch and record the non-stop action between these guys. It's all about sex that's as wild as possible.

File size: 1.13 GB

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