Workers Cumpensation

ountry: Czech Republic

Genre: Bareback, Oral / Anal Sex, Twinks / Young Meat,

Handsome, Uncut Cocks, Construction Workers, Threesomes

Length: 1:55:14

Studio: Puppy Productions

Starring: Nicolai Rivera, Micky Coolio, Dominik Trojan, Jay Renfro,

Jerry Harris, Ricky Valentino, Igor Rusk, Clive Harper, Billy Dexter,

Georgio Garcia, Mike Green, Marco Solero, Ruben Litzki

Description: Nicolai Rivera and Micky Coolio exchange dick-licks before Nicolai goes to work on filling Micky's hole. Dominik Trojan's horse-cock is truly a feast for the eyes. Although Jay Renfro's throat might be challenged by this nine-inch monster, his slightly hairy yet tender ass is perfectly positioned to take Dominik's jackhammer.

Blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and boyishly adorable Jerry Harris takes a work break with horny, hung, and handsome Ricky Valentino for a midday tabletop romp. Igor Rusk and Clive Harper swap some spit before Clive goes down to inspect Igor's fuck stick. Igor then proceeds to raw-slam Clive's tight rump.

Billy Dexter and Georgio Garcia find Mike Green pulling on his hefty piece. These three studs demonstrate the more practical uses of a ladder, which your local helpful hardware man is not likely to. This job isn't completed until Marco Solero and Ruben Litzki do some bareback finish work in the bonus scene.

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