Doctor's Orders

Year: 2007

Genre: Oral, anal, group, facial, latinos, twink

Length: 1:21:21

Director: Alex Chaves

Studio: The Twink AcademyV Cast: Javier Baquero, Jesid Pombo, Alfredo Caycedo, Miguel Martinez, Ferdynan Carvajal, Alejandro Orejuela

Description: The renowned St. Samuel's Academy Bogota, faces on the most serious threats in its illustrious history when a mysterious epidemic starts striking down the boys.

Faced with the danger of parents taking their sons out of school - or even complete closure by the authorities - Headmaster Moreno resorts to desperate measures. He orders Dr. Rodriguez and Dr. Garcia to put all afflicted boys in isolation while they work frantically on finding an antidote.

Of course, as this is St. Samuel's, the two doctors can be relied upon to experiment with a wide range of stimulating - if unorthodox - treatments in their search for a remedy. And, while they do so, the quarantined boys in the school sanatorium show that their illness definitely hasn't affected their sex drives!

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