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    Mặc định Cazzo - Artiffic attacks 2003

    Artiffic Attacks, 2003

    Starring: Ralf, Jan Losch, Andree, Toddy, John McCain, Dirk, Joey, Marek, Stach, Eko, Red Zak, Nelson Keys, Rob, Donni, Lars

    Director: Hans Peter Hagen

    Language: Original German Sound

    Studio: Cazzo Film

    480x240, 1365kbps

    Artiffic Attacks View this hard core flick strictly at your own risk.

    ARTIFFIC ATTACKS shows absolutely vile Berlin Skins who know no taboos in their search for new sexual challenges. Hard rituals, the ultimate gang bang, probably the very first fist fuck above the clouds, and the meeting of obscure beings of another kind make ARTIFFIC ATTACKS one of the hottest and most unusual films ever made. Jan and Andree have a special present for their lovers Marc and Ralf: they contract John to kidnap them- with especially hard treatment.

    John takes his helpers with him, but he has to interrupt their fist fucking first. After a thorough dildo job on Marc, Jan hands him over to the kidnappers. While Ralf is being held prisoner in a van, Marc, in a nightmarish scene, is fisted again and again on a gyne chair by a wild bunch of bomber jacket boys. Later Marc and Ralf are left abandoned in the darkness.

    Marc loses Ralf, who goes off to follow an obscure goat-man in the woods. After being assaulted by a frogman, who tries to pull him into the water, Marc meets up again with Ralf in a strange building. Here are Toddy and Joey, who are more than happy to be distracted from their work. They are also the rubber devils who attack Ralf and Marc and fist fuck them to the hilt in a pool of water. Finally, Ralf and Marc end up in different rooms where they can see each through a glass partition. They give up exhausted, until Ralf is given a seriously hard lesson with a whip. Marc is able to escape and discovers that Ralf is being smuggled to the airport. He follows the kidnappers in a car, but can’t stop the airplane from taking off with Ralf on board. In the air, Ralf experiences what is likely the first fist fuck above the clouds... Marc tries without success to follow the airplane and meets up again with the goat-man. Marc follows him into the woods. Is the werewolf real or only an illusion? And what is the meaning of the king wearing a golden mask, who imparts the goat-man with new energy by foot fucking him?

    Finally, Marc follows the goat-man into a hall, where John and his helpers have already tied Ralf to an altar. A second altar stands next to it, empty. It is for Marc. When he is lying next to Ralf, the ritual begins...


    Lần sửa cuối bởi boy211; 16-02-2010 lúc 02:54 PM

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    Mặc định Re: Cazzo - Artiffic attacks 2003

    nhìn thấy ghê wá ko dám đụng vào :((
    It's My Style ...

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