Gay Day Hospital 3

Year: 2006
Country: Italy
Genre: Anal, Oral, Medical Fetish, Rimming, Fingering
Length: 1:41:03
Director: Etienne Villa
Studio: All Male Studio
Starring: Alex Drago, Enrico Roversi, Stefano Solari, Nicolas Martin, Maicol Positano, Patrizio Romano, Martin Conti
This video completes the "doctor's surgeries" trilogy; doctor's surgeries where there are
doctor's visits, day hospital admissions and various kinds of nursing interventions. and doyou think that's all that happens? obviously not! a lot else can happen between the doctors,
patients and nurses! what do we mean? it goes without saying: hands touching private partsand stirring pent-up gay desires until they are completely vented. the results arebreathtaking erotic scenes - in the best all male studio tradition!the reasonable studs that they are these men go into the doctor's office for their
anal check up. You soon realize that this office believes in full service health monitoring.After the usual check up the stamina test will push their bodies to the limit. Watch asthese gay studs get a full check up!

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