Butt In

Year: 2002
Country: USA
Genre: Dildos / Toys, Fisting, Leather
Length: 1:12:32
Director: Chris Ward
Studio: Hot Hand productions
Starring: Michael Brandon, Bret Wolfe, Aaron Tanner, Steve Pierce, Matt Sizemore
The latest highly anticipated double feature from Hot Hand Productions. Experience the raw energy of this two-part celebration of slings, leather, fisting, and Assplay.
Hung and hairy Matt Sizemore makes his Hot Hand Productions debut as he tops insatiable fisting bottom Steve Pierce in a spellbinding scene of leather-clad assplay
Hot Hand Favorite Michael Brandon probes hard and deep as Bret Wolfe submits to Michael's greedy desires.
Longtime Falcon Favorite Steve Pierce works himself up with a variety of toys. Alternating between large and smaller items of both latex and more organic materials, Steve opens, relaxes, and exercises his hole & feeding his desire and working toward a powerful orgasm.
Michael Brandon joins a latex-clad Aaron Tanner for a sizzling session of assplay and fisting. Don't miss the intensity of this incredible casting combination of demanding Brandon and the insatiable Tanner.

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