In The Jeans

Year: 2005
Country: USA
Genre: Muscles, Anal, Safe Sex
Length: 1:27:16
Director: Mike Donner
Studio: Studio 2000B Starring: Brad Slater, Niko (as Chip Nicolas), Christian Owen, Jason Crew, Jason Harley, Jason Kingsley, John Marcus, Rafael Alencar, Ty Walker, Viktor Perseo
Description: In The Jeans asks a deliciously provocative question: What is it about a beautiful chiseled stud in a pair of tight blue jeans that drives us as gay men into such cock-pumping lust? Maybe it's the way they hug an exquisite cock, thighs, balls, and ass so tight we can just about taste the pre-cum. Donner gives us a blazing look at all the forms this unstoppable denim-on-flesh lust takes; a cum-blasting look full of fucking, sucking, and ass-licking!

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