Brazilian Beach Boys

Year: 2005
Country: USA
Genre: Amateurs, Latin, Twinks, Anal, Facial, Cumshots, Oral, Outdoor
Length: 1:36:23
Directed by: Rick Jhoia
Studio: US Male - In-X-Cess
The Last of five outdoor Latino twink-fuck scenes is the best, with brown bodies on pale sand against a green forest and dark-green inlet-water. The lighter twink rides the darker, shoots a wad, then gets his own mouth cummed in, semen dripping from his chin. It’s difficult to know whether to judge the other four scenes on the prettiness of the models (fairly high rating) or their obvious amateur awkwardness and discomfort (mid-rating) or the dirty lens of the camera in scene one (low rating). First couple, a sunglassed brunet and a redhead with a Matt Dillon look, keep glancing at the director and trying (successfully) to maintain sexy fuck poses despite obvious displeasure at the gritty sand they’re fucking in (which gets in all their body hair). Second couple consists of two plump-but-appealing brunets, one of whom keeps his t-shirt on, whether to hide a tummy or just because it’s cold, I don’t know. Their illusion of passion is often spoiled when they look up as if hearing directions, then change positions. A shot showing the bottom’s sandy feet, his limp cock, and his dangling belly is sort of the low point of the movie. However, his big butt jiggling as he bounces it on erection is certainly the high point of this accidentally-funny scene. He takes cum in his mouth, but doesn’t cum. Sunglasses returns on a much sunnier day to fuck a boyish-bodied brunet by a much brighter sea. He speckles Boyish’s neck and breast with cum. Then, on rough-looking rocks beside a little inlet, a lanky brunet fucks a very pale, skinny, long-haired redhead who often looks yellow in the sunlight. Rough as the rocks may be on their naked bodies, Pale does a pretty good rod-ride on Lanky’s long dick and gets a fateful upward-fucking for it They move into the sand and Lanky doesn’t seem to care how uncomfortable it is to have pebbles stuck all over him, he’s after his climax. He finally gets it, onto Pale’s pimply face.

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