Desperate Househusbands

Year: 2005

Country: Sweden

Genre: Gay porn

Length: 1:48:43

Translation: Professional (odnogolosy)

Russian subtitles: none

Directed by: Tom BradfordStudiya: Private Media Group

Starring: Julian Vincenzo, George Vidanov, David Salieri, Fredy Costa, James Jordan, Julian Vincenzo, Matt Colmar, Rick Bavier, Rod Stevens and Tobias Wares.


Welcome to the world of the Desperate Househusbands, starring ten gorgeous married hunks who are desperate for each others' cocks.

Pussy Willow Lane is a quiet suburb in Budapest. Living in the lane's big houses are married couples who have switched roles. It's the wives who are the high powered working executives while the husbands stay at home looking after the house and doing chores.

But of course, just like housewives, househusbands get bored and need a little fun, too. They entertain themselves by fucking each other. When a new househusband moves into the street an orgy initiates him into the world of hot man on man action!

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