Cum-Eating Rancheros

Year: 2008

Country: United Kingdom

Genre: Oral, Rimming, Anal, Safe sex, Facial, Interracial, Group

Length: 1:29:23

Directed by: Marcelo Monaco

Studio: Euroboy

Cast: Alejandro Saler, Anthony Squillari, Ben Brown, Daniel Greak, Eber Downed, Estaban Toledo, Jack Powell, Marcel Massud, Tiago Hamilton

Description: Cum Eating Rancheros is what it's called and cum eating is what these boys do. The setup here is tried and true. The narrator, a Brit, believed he was in a monogamous relationship only to walk in on his lover fucking someone else. Upset he goes to visit his friend James in the country to clear his head and consider his options.

Once the narrator arrives and takes in the surroundings he can't figure out what there is to do in the country until he notices James' gardener. James excuses himself and he and the gardener disappear into a building where after some oral lubrication the plowing begins.

Both boys are dark haired with nice bodies. James has a tattoo on his upper back and the gardener sucks James before rimming him. James, after having his ass eaten out, fucks the gardener standing and bent over before withdrawing and cumming on the gardeners face.

The second scene is a three-way between James' friend and two other guys working on the farm. One is black and the other a dark haired youth with a rattail down his neck. James' friend decides to join in the fun and the three of them go at it in the middle of the garden. Cock sucking and ball licking begins in earnest with the sound of "oh yeah, oh yeah", being heard above the wind. There is a sandwich made of the three of them with the dread locked one being rimmed and sucked simultaneously by James' friend. James' friend then services both boys alternating between chocolate and vanilla and is then fucked. The remaining three scenes are more of the same with different locations.

With the exception of James the boys are nameless. They are all cute with nice bodies and some nice uncut cocks varying in size from average to above average. The sex, while enjoyable, left me wanting more and there are technical problems as well. Camera shots are jerky, music begins and ends without any rhyme or reason and you see guys talking with no sound being heard. I have to rate this film average because of these deficiencies.

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