Boytropolis 2

Year: 1996

Genre: oral, anal, solo, group sex

Length: 1:25

Director: Rolf Hammerschmidt

Studio: Man's Best

Cast: Lukas Ridgeston, Peter Host, K. Karlson, P. Lucky, R. Spanks, M. Brody, P. Le Blond, S. Braun, P. Mar, P. River, JV Huig, H. Fischer, M. Brundel


Part two starts where part one left off. Two guys fuck and suck in a storeroom. Host and a blond suck each other off outside on a ladder, with Host getting a facial. Inside the stage room, where Lukas does a long, slow, striptease, dances and quickly jacks off, for a room full of admirers. Host has to choose between two other guys and Lukas and guess who wins? Lukas tops Host in bed and pops a nice load. Two guys each fuck a blond in bed. Another guy fucks a friend, with a blond sucking while he can, in the stage room. Lukas and Host exchange orals with Lukas giving a nice facial. Host runs off into the woods, finds his car and well, you'll have to see what happens next. Lukas Ridgeston, in his first video roll, is just as buff and gorgeous as in later films but the pop isn't quite the same as when he later matured. Still, he's well worth watching, as is everybody else in this two part series. Plenty of cute guys, nice bodies and dicks, tons of come and lots of facials.

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