Skater Fucker

Year: 2009

Country: Germany

Genre: Anal Sex, Bareback Sex, Footfetish, Cum Eating, Facial Cumshots, Oral Sex, Rimming, ThreeWays, Uncut Cocks, Young Men

Length: 2:35:41

Studio: Sk8erboy

Starring: Anthony, Felix, Kevin, Marcel, Marco, Marvin, Pascal, Stefan, Sven, Timo

Description: In these seven cool scenes, ten really horny skater lads between 18 and 25 show you what you can get up to in the summer. At a video party, the porno is reenacted with Marco getting a good mouthful of Stefan's enormous dick and having the full load squirted down his throat.

Next it's Kevin, who is dating two boys who both have a good piece of him.

Timo and Anthony have just turned 18 and want to play about outdoors on their own. But they are not alone for long: Sven and Marvin join in and get busy. Their sweaty sneakers and socks aren it left out of the deal either.

In a disused factory, three's company and they get straight to it. Jonas is given a good pounding and pumped full by two of his skater mates, one after the next.

Today is Marcel's (20) kind of day. In the boiler room at work, he gets together with Pascal, his 18-year-old apprentice co-worker, and they get straight to it. First they blow each other, then Marcel is ridden bareback by Pascal and given a good pumping. To end things off, both lads squirt their juice into the other's mouth and swallow.

On his way home it's then straight into round two: Pascal misses his bus and Marcel drives him home. Now it is Pascal's turn. He's tied to his bed and forced to sniff and suck Marcel's smelly socks and bare feet. Then it's the real thing: Marcel lubes up his stiff dick with spit and forces his huge tool ruthlessly into Pascal's boy hole, riding him bareback.

Marcel delivers pizza for an evening job and happens to call at a house just at the right time for Stefan (22) and his boyfriend Felix (20) who give the sweet skater boy more than his fee. They pull him down onto the sofa and force him to lick their smelly feet. Then he has to get to work sucking on the two boys rock hard cocks. It's taken further in the bedroom, where Marcel is given a good shagging by Stefan and his huge 20x6 cock and brought off for good measure by the two boys wanking him off.

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