Blue Danube

Year: 1995

Country: Austria, Hungary, Slovakia

Genre: Oral, Anal, Safe sex, Cum shots, Group

Length: 1:18:33

Director: George Duroy

Studio: Falcon International

Starring: Denis Jung, Erik Kovac, Alan Greksa, Pavol Zurek, Alexander Strauss, Kristof Junas, Palo Cernak, Milos Janek, Hans Koloman, Johan Paulik, Filip Smirnov

Description: Beautiful scenes of Budapest give way to Koloman, blond with a good load, and Janek, curly haired blond who comes three times, having sex in a real classroom. Kovac and Jung share a long scene in a dance studio, with lots of oral, kissing, stretching and prancing about. Jung looks as if he might be enjoying his first taste of being mounted from the rear, as Kovac fucks him twice. Smirnoff, the big dick of the east, watches a video and gets off solo. A number of gorgeous naked guys frolic in an indoor pool, which leads to a scene between Greksa and Zurek in a nearby spa. Zurek, with a great body but smallish dick top Greksa and both get off twice. Paulik's only scene is as a participant in the ending steam room orgy, where nine hot young men fuck, suck and eat ass with a frenzy and all erupt in sex satisfied orgasms, including one really nice double facial cum shot. While the photography, sound, scenery and bodies are up to par, the film, overall, is just a bit of a disappointment, when compared with the other Falcon International titles. Still very much worth watching, tho!

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