Summer, the First Time

Year: 1996

Country: EU

Genre: Erotic, Romantic

Length: 1:29:45

Translation: No

Directed by: Xavier

Starring: Johan Paulik, Sean Benedict, Rebecca Tremain, Matthew Andres, Antonie Korda, Daniel Valent, Dano Sulik, Mikhail Paleki, Roy Whitehouse

Description: Erotic, moving and compelling, “Summer, The First Time” is the most significant development in gay erotica – ever. It’s Pride Video’s first erotic feature film. Ryan goes on holiday with his girlfriend, Issy, in an attempt to resolve their failing relationship. But when Ryan encounters beach-boy Pavel, he becomes transfixed by Pavel’s remarkable beauty. Pavel is having problems with his rampantly promiscuous boyfriend, Pasha. His infidelities push Pavel into the arms of a stranger, and to ultimately become the willing object of Ryan’s obsession. What follows is a beautiful love story packed with stunning young men and eroticism beyond belief. It’s a summer of love. ..

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