Raging River :the Ultimate Rush

Year: 2003

Country: Hungary

Genre: Hunks, Muscles, Anal, Oral, Outdoors

Duration: 1 hour 07 min.

Translation: Unavailable

Russian subtitles: none

Director: Matt Sterling

Studio: Huge / Matt Sterling

Cast: Zoly Milos, Petre Andraas, Serge Timar, Eddy Ryan (Danno Alecs), Horst Patre, Toth Joseph, Korvarth Ference, Ian Ghorgy, Serge Istavan, Uri Petrov, Tavers Pateke and Thomas Laszlo.

Description: Directed in Hungary by Matt Sterling!

For those who like their men out of control!

Eleven hot Hungarian men can't contain their voracious sexual hunger while roughing it along a riverbank which runs through their remote campsite.

Hung big and uncut, each of these handsome hunks comes to know the the intense excitment and exhilarating rush when one man surrenders himself to another.

File size:665 MB

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