The Other Side Of Killer

Year: 2007

Country: Czech

Genre: Anal, oral, Big Dick, Euro, Muscles, Hardcore

Length: 2:10:09

Directed by: Damian Green

Studio: William Higgins

Cast: Aleksy Koslov, Filip Pesek, Jirka Gregor, Josef Socher as Killer, Martin Horak, Pavel Vecera, Sergei Melnikov

Description: Meet "Killer" - a mean son of a bitch. A cold-hearted fuck-machine! Whenever a guy approaches him in Drakes Dungeon he always says, "You touch me and I'll fucking kill ya!" hence, the nickname. There's only one problem for the ever horny Josef "Killer" Socher - as he roughly fucks and discards guy after guy after guy - he's starting to get curious. What does it feel like to get fucked? All those other guys liked it. "Killer" might not like to try it ... but perhaps Josef might? Perhaps if he meets the right guy ...

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