Chicken Patrol (18 Today International #9 )

Year: 2003

Genre: Anal Sex, Cumshots, Interracial / Latinos, Oral Sex, Outdoors, Solo (scene), Threesomes, Twinks, Uncut

Length: 1:25:30

Directed by: Nelson De Oliveira

Studio: The French Connection

Cast: Nino, Leonardo, Pierre, Tomas, Alejandro, Gilles, Fabiano, Hernan, Hilario, Maurisio, Robson

Description: High in the virgin Brazilian rain forest a troop of oversexed Scouts prepares their campsite for some all night love-making maneuvers. With their youthful excitement and desperate need for all-male sexual game playing this lovely setting is about to witness some no-holes-barred erotic sensuality that has to be seen to be believed. Forget the trail, let's get to the camp!

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