Hollaback Recruit

Year: 2007
Genre: Amateur Twink Outdoors Action Safe Sex
Length: 1:21:56
Directed by: Dakota
Studio: OM Productions
Lance Long, Tyler Stiffler, Xander Corales, KB Cox, Jessie Owens, Mitch Hart, KC Morgan, Zack Daniels, Chas Kramer, Zach Daniels
Description: With Chas Kramer now in charge of the new recruits at the model boot camp things are going to get rough! Drill master Chas get's them in shape to fuck! First off the bat, he has the new recruits stretch so they will have plenty of flexibility when they fuck each other. Then there is some calisthenics to get their hearts pumpin’ and get them in cardio vascular shape. They are then made to flex their lat muscles. It is really hard to keep these young guys from popping a boner.

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