Two Faces

Year: 2005

Genre: Bareback Sex, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Collegiates, Oral Sex, Shower, Three Ways, Uncut Cock, Young

Length: 1:49:26

Directed by: Joseph Sonnenschein

Studio: Hammer EntertainmentV Cast: Lukas, Martin, Marek, Honza, Karel, Ruslan, Jirka, Fanda, Zdenek and Marketa

Description: Our heroes are living the standard dream ... a hot girl, a nice place, and a successful life. The only thing is, it's all a lie! Deep down inside when no one is looking their other face comes out. A face that craves cock and just can't hold itself in anymore! See how our hot studs unleash their real, gay self in the hit Hammer title, TWO FACES!

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