That Boy

Year: 1974
Genre: vignettes, oral / group sex, masturbation, muscle, pre-condom
Length: 1:16:07
Directed by: Peter Berlin
Studio: Gorilla Factory Productions
Starring: Aaron Black, Marc Majors, Peter Berlin, Phillip Martin, Rickey Davis, Rock Action, Steven James, Walter Wrigh
Description: Helmut, a thinly veiled version of Peter Berlin himself befriends a young blind boy on the street. The blind boy's active imagination places Peter/Helmut in a series of elaborate fantasy set pieces, including encounters with different men in a photographer's studio, at the gym, in a bar, and so on. Dressed in his famous black leather jacket and skin-tight white pants, Berlin poses and cruises his way around San Francisco's Polk Street and South of Market areas, encountering his many admirers and plenty of steamy action! ..

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